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Heat pump Water to Water Modular WSHP

These water source heat pump units are suitable for indoor installation. The units conform to the requirement of EEC directive 89/392. They are factory tested ready for site installation.

Hermetic scroll compressor with crankcase heater and thermal cut-out. MWH Series are designed with four original modules, different numbers of modules can be combined to satisfy different load requirement. The largest combination is 4 modules; it is convenient for transportation and installation. The evaporator is a direct expansion, shell-and-tube type with water in the baffled shell side and refrigerant in the tubes. Two independent refrigerant circuits within the evaporator serve the unit's dual or more refrigerant circuits. The evaporator is consists of a carbon steel shell and seamless high efficiency copper. Refrigerant heads are made of carbon steel with multi pass baffles to provide oil return and are removable to permit access to the tubes from either end. For water removal, 3/8" (10mm) vent and drain plugs are provided on the top and bottom of the shell.

The evaporator is wrapped with an electric resistance heater cable and insulated with 3/4" (19mm) thick vinyl nitrate polymer sheet insulation, protecting against water freeze-up at ambient air temperatures down to -20°F (-29?). Refrigerant circuit with filter, thermal expansion valve with external equalizer, 4-way valve and liquid receiver. Safety pressure switches to control discharge and intake pressure. Unit supplied complete with nonfreezing oil and refrigerant, factory tested. Hydraulic circuit with water flow switch, expansion tank, manual air vent valve and drain valve. The controller is suitable for water source heat pump with up to three independent refrigeration circuits.

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