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Heat pump Air to Water Screw

The design of MAS series of AIR-COOLED SCREW CHILLER&HEAT PUMP UNITS has met the users' highest demands to the reliability, safety, and flexibility of products. The units are modularized designed, so it can be multi-unit united according to the customers' need.

At the meantime, the unit can match different specifications, fan coils, or air-dealing units. With their advantages of high efficiency, low noise, simple and convenient operation, safe working, and convenient assembly and maintenance, they are widely used in the factories, stations, hotels, restaurants, villas, office building, high-grade residence, etc. It can be multi-unit united according to the users' demand, because it is based on MAS070, MAS090, MAS110, and MAS130. MAS series of products are applied the most advanced technology and famous parts in the world which must be through strict tests to make sure they can match with each other very well. The imported semi-closed screw compressors and low-noise fan motors make the noise lowest. And the high efficiency Heat Exchanger guarantees the units can work best. The control box houses all the electrical components with its own access panel. Controls include printed-circuit board, compressor contactor, fan relay. Users can operate the units by the switch of themselves or outside control switch.
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